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    Newport Beach Parenting and Family Treatment

    Tiffany Crawshaw, Psy.D. has extensive experience dealing with issues pertaining to family matters. Below, are just some of the services that she provides in Newport Beach:

    Adolescent Therapy

    The adolescent years can be overwhelming to both teenagers and parents alike in these chaotic and uncertain times. Dr. Crawshaw can help your son or daughter deal with issues, including depression, anxiety, peer pressure, drug and alcohol use, sexuality, self-esteem, and self-identity issues.

    Couples Therapy

    Whether you are new to a relationship or have been married for decades, Dr. Crawshaw can help you and your partner to understand one another’s point of view and communicate your needs in the relationship. Clarification both in your own mind and with your partner is key to making decisions in the next step of any relationship.

    Family Therapy

    Dr. Crawshaw has worked with families on a number of topics including, sexual abuse, drug use, divorce, step parents, legal guardians, mental illness of a family member, separation, and many other issues. If your family needs to deal with difficult life situations, Dr. Crawshaw can help you handle your issues together.


    Whether you are an overwhelmed stay at home parent, a parent reuniting with children or a parent who is trying to balance work with children, Dr. Crawshaw can help. Your need as a parent to communicate effectively, impart appropriate consequences, assert your role and take care of yourself while taking care of others is important. Dr. Crawshaw can help you find the balance you are looking for as a parent.

    Trauma & Abuse Treatment

    If you or a loved one has undergone a traumatic event or become the victim of physical, psychological or sexual abuse, Dr. Crawshaw is prepared to assist you. She can help you in taking care of yourself and working through the accompanying feelings. Dr. Crawshaw will help you to find ways to self soothe and work on healing in a safe environment.


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