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    Costa Mesa Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    The chronic use of drugs and alcohol can not only be physically, emotionally, and financially draining but can also prove fatal. Substance use and abuse can also cause great grief to family members and friends. Tiffany Crawshaw, Psy.D. has extensive experience dealing with both adolescents and adults struggling with drug and alcohol issues as well as the family members who are affected the most.

    Adolescent Substance Use

    If your child is struggling with the use of drugs or alcohol and you are not sure of the severity, Dr. Crawshaw can help you. She will assist you in identifying the signs and symptoms and point you in the right direction for treatment. Dr. Crawshaw has extensive experience in residential and outpatient treatment settings and can help you identify what is right for your child.

    Adult Substance Use

    Are you or someone you care about involved in the use of alcohol or drugs? Are you exhausted? Are there other mental health issues that seem to occur alongside the substance use? Dr. Crawshaw can help you find the best way to handle the situation given all of the circumstances surrounding the substance use. If you already have a treatment agency, doctor, sponsor or counselor involved in the case, Dr. Crawshaw will work collaboratively to provide the most robust care possible.

    Family Treatment

    When an individual is abusing drugs or alcohol, every member of the family is affected. Sometimes support is needed when a loved one is in treatment. Even when a loved one is in recovery, there are a number of issues that continue to affect the entire family. Some of these issues include accommodating a person’s needs to stay sober, living arrangements, boundaries, career problems, etc. Dr. Crawshaw can help you as a family work through these issues together.


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