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    As a woman, your life is often defined by your relationship to yourself and to others. Below are some topics that Dr. Crawshaw explores with women.


    If you feel out of touch with who you once were, or who you think you are supposed to be, Dr. Crawshaw can help. As a woman, you may spend so much time taking care of others that your own identity has become lost in the day to day shuffle. If you find yourself questioning who you are, you can begin to explore your life’s purpose with Dr. Crawshaw.

    Co-dependent Relationships

    A co-dependent relationship can be simply defined as needing to be needed. The problem arises when you find yourself in a situation in which your own needs are not being met. Dr. Crawshaw can assist you in overcoming unhealthy relationships and learning to build healthy ones.

    Body Image

    Have you put on weight because you have neglected yourself or eat too much to cover up your feelings? Have you put so much pressure on yourself that you are underweight and you still don’t feel good enough? Whatever your concern, Dr. Crawshaw can help you explore the reasons why you have come to where you are, and come to view your body in a negative light. Dr. Crawshaw will communicate with your doctor as necessary to put you on the right path to a healthy body image.

    Sexual Abuse Treatment

    Were you the victim of sexual abuse as a child by a stranger, acquaintance or family member? Dr. Crawshaw understands that there are many factors that affect the outcome of surviving such abuse. It is important for you to work through the gamut of your feelings and get to a place where you feel safe and your trust in the world is restored. Dr. Crawshaw can help you toward this goal.

    Substance Abuse Treatment

    Women who have become involved in alcohol or drug abuse have a very different experience than men. The reasons for use, the situations encountered while using, and the relationships women are involved in when using, are all unique to a woman’s experience. If you struggle with substances but are “feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” Dr. Crawshaw can help.


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